Q & A

1. What is Bath Bomb and how to use it?
Fully clean bath tub, although it’s rare, colorants might hang onto soap scum. Full tub with warm water, drop bath bomb in water, sit back, watch it dissolve, relax and enjoy.

2. How will I know if I am allergic to the bath products?
Although we tested our products on ourselves, families & friends; Do keep in mind that everyone is different; To be sure if you’re not allergic to it, simply soak a small part of your body, e.g. hand / feet… to it to see if any allergic reaction occurs before fully submerge into bath tub.

3. Do you offer wholesales account or volume discount?
Yes, please contact us through email or use our contact us form for more details. Large order do require at least 2-4 weeks lead time, depends of the order size. Handcrafted soap required 4-6 weeks cure time before they are fully ready.

4. Can I use your bath products during pregnancy?
We recommend consulting your doctor first before using our bath products during pregnancy or if you have any other medical concerns. Be caution when stepping in & out of bath tub as it could get slippery from oil/butters release from our bath products.

5. How do you normally ship your packages?
We mainly use USPS via First class mail ( under 16 oz.) or priority mail for majority of our packages. Normal delivery time is between 5-7 business days ( excluded weekends). Currently we do not offer overnight or expedited shipping.

6. What form of payments do you accept?
Paypal is our currently preferred payment method; Paypal account is not required for check out.

7. Do you make special orders for special occasions?
Yes, we can make special arrangement for your special occasions, such as party favors, wedding gifts etc.

8. What are the shelf life for the bath bomb and how should it be stored? 
Bath bombs are not meant to be store for a long period of time, the scents and colorant will fade over time; However, they are still good to use as it will still fizzes along with all the oils & butter within. We recommend storing your bath bombs at a dry, cool place without direct sunlight, as they are very sensitive to moisture.

** If you have other questions not answered here, please contact us using our contact form.